Monday, June 25, 2012

The Lament

“No, thank you. I’m not hungry,” she insisted. Even though it was her favorite chocolate chip pretzel cookie, she had to refuse. AN had told her to. “I’m not hungry,” the lie she told everyone, was almost second nature now. After three years of AN controlling her life, it was almost as if she and AN were one. She had no more thoughts of hope or escape. Having relinquished control years ago, she was in AN’s hands now.
AN had not always haunted her, however. Four years ago, anyone asked to describe Lisa would have started with “beautiful.” Curly, dark, mahogany-colored hair hung long down her back. Impossibly long eyelashes guarded her hazel eyes. With high cheekbones and a defiant chin, she turned many heads. Known for her vibrant personality, Lisa won the hearts of all she was with. Popular and sweet, she was the average seventeen-year-old trying her best to enjoy life. But AN changed all of that.

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